Parents of Madeleine Boulton who married William Barry
Henry (Harry) Joseph Boulton
                          S/o William Boulton and Mary Herson
b. 1850 Croton, Ontario
d. 4 Sep 1899 (aged 49)
                bd. St. Anthony's, Chatham, Ont

Married 9 Sep 1878 St. Joseph's, Chatham, Ontario
Witnesses: Duncan Clinton Boulton and Agnes Josephine O'Neil

Mary Teresa O'Neil
                                                D/o John O'Neil and Margaret Sullivan
                                          b. 11 Apr 1852, Con. 11, Dover Twp
                                                  bp. 18 July 1852 St. Joseph's, Chatham
                      d. 11 June 1892 (aged 40)
                                          bd. St. Anthony's, Chatham, Ontario
Note:  Family moved to Toronto area and returned here where both died.  
Their orphaned children were raised by their
uncle and legal guardian William Eddington Boulton.

1Henry Joseph (Harry) b. 14 Dec 1879, d. 7 Oct. 1953 at St. Joseph's Hospital in London in his 74th year.  Bured in St. Anthony's.  Was employed by Dominion Glass in Wallaceburg.

2Madeline Ellen b. 18 Nov 1886 York Twp, York Co. (Toronto area)  Married William Henry Barry at Our Lady of Help in Wallaceburg 2 June 1908.

3    Anthony A. b. 1892, d. 3 Sep. 1892 aged 2 months.
"The Maples" Boulton Homestead, Tupperville, Ontario
                                                                                                    Jenny Boulton--brother Duncan and wife Catherine
Parents of Henry Joseph Boulton who married Mary O'Neil
William Boulton
                                                             S/o John Bolton and Catherine Campbell
                                    (Notice spelling of surname)
                                      b. 15 Aug. 1821 Kent County
                                                                                      bp. 4 Feb. 1822 St. Johns Anglican Church, Sandwich
                                       d. 27 December 1891 aged 72
                                   bd. Riverview, Wallaceburg

Served as Captain of the 6th Battalion of the Militia.  Farmed.


1John Herson Boulton b. 13 Aug. 1845 at Dawn Mills, d. 30 May 1924, bd. Riverview, Wallaceburg.  M. Mary Hurley 13 May 1873, who was b. 1848 in Oldfield d/o Micheal Hurley and Bridget Ahern of Wallaceburg and died 9 Jun 1925.
(1) Matthias D. b. 1878, d. 1949 m. 30 June 1914 Clara Teresa Zink who was born 1881 and died 1946.
(2) Maude who m. Archie Kennedy in June 1910, no children.
(3) Loretta m. Dr. Pullen
(4) Beatrice  (Sister Beatta - Ursuline nun)
(5) Rose Elizabeth (Mother Mary Rosary - Ursuline nun) b. 25 Dec. 1883 and d. 12 May 1957.

2William Eddington (twin) b. 21 June 1853 in Tupperville.
d. Sep 1929.  He went to Toronto at the age of 18 according to a will and newspaper clipping regarding his guardianship to Henry and Madeleine.  He became a clerk for his uncle Joseph Herson and started a retail meal business where he was a butcher and ran this for 8 years.  When he returned to this area he farmed Con. 1, lot 22 Chatham Twp. And went into the dry goods business with Miles McCarron in W'Burg.  Four years later he sold out and went into the grocery and meat business with P.H. Clancy.

3Duncan Clinton (twin) b. 21 Jun 1853 Tupperville, d. Jun  1925.  Mar. Catherine Kennedy about 1884 who was b. 1853 Martintown, Co. Glengarry, ON, d. 10 Oct. 1946 at her home "The Maples" (Con. 1, lot 23, Chatham Twp).  They had one child:  Joseph Clinton b. 1888, d. 30 Sep 1932 m. 1927 Gladys Morgan who was b. 1903, d 1977).  They had 2 daughters:  Mary Catherine who m. Bruce Albert and Beatrice Pauline (Sister Beatrice Anne - Sisters of the Precious Blood-London)  b. Jun 1932
4Henry Joseph b. 1850, d. 4 Sep 1899 m. 9 Sep Mary Teresa
O'Neil (see previous family)
5Annie (Sister Mary Hortense - St. Joseph's Convent,       Toronto) music teacher, b. 1852 at "the Maples" Tupperville, d. 26 Dec 1933 at St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto….never got well after a bad fall, bd St. Micheal's Cemetery, Toronto.
6Jane (Jennie) b. July 1855 d. 16 Jan. 1946 at the home of         
William and Madeleine Barry.
7Susan b. 1857 The Maples, d. Dec 1933 aged 76 of a stroke.
m. Patrick H. Clancy who was
b. 1856 and d. Feb. 1923.  
They lived in Highland Park, Michigan.  
                       1. Roy of Pontiac, MI,
                   2. Earl of Chicago,
3. Basil,
4. Harry
                                                       6. Lilian who m. Charles Dean,
                                                                                           7. Mamie
8James Page b. 1859 d. 1944
    m. 23 Feb. 1914 to Florence Eliza Byrnes (nee Connes)    
                                        Lived on Hiram St. Wallaceburg.
9Richard Edward or Edwin b. Sep 1862 d. 5 Jul 1938 aged 75,
m. Mary O'Flaherty 27 June 1907 W'Burg.
10James T.
Parents of William Boulton Sr. who married Mary Herson:
John Bolton
                                                      S/o Thomas Bolton b. 1760 Ireland
                              b. 14 May 1786 Ireland
                                                                        d. 25 Aug. 1868 near Dawn Mills, Camden Tp.
                          Bd. Butler Cemetery
First came to Canada through Nova Scotia, he settled near Erieau at Old or Littlefields in 1818 as a young couple.  There was a mix up in the allotments and so he instead was granted land on the Sydenham River where he employed himself as a blacksmith, a trade learned in Ireland and farmed 200 acres.  He received the Crown Patent on Con 9, lot 7 Camden Gore and later also owned land on lot 6 by 1837.
Two Sisters:  Nancy m. Duncan Campbell and Mary m. Duncan Croft.
m. 1814
Catherine Campbell
b. 17 Apr 1793
                                                      d. 28 May 1865     72 years, 1 month, 11 days
           bd. Butler Cemetery
                             Religion - Church of England

12 Children:

1.    Catherine b. 12 Nov. 1814 m. Louis Arnold
2.    John b. 23 Jan 1816 Nova Scotia m. 1) Mary Ann Tiffin 10 Dec. 1834 and 2) Rachel
3.    William b. 15 Aug 1820 m. Mary Herson (see previous family)
4.    Duncan b. 1 Feb. 1822 m. Sarah Tiffin 2 Apr 1845 Kent
5.    MaryAnn b. 15 Apr 1826 m. Joseph Tiffin 20 May 1849
6.    Henry b. 6 Feb. 1828 m. Roenna Benn
7.    Richard b. 17 Mar 1830 m. Eliza J. Law 17 Nov 1863
(Inherited farm)
8.    Alice b. 25 Jan. 1834 m. William Clements
9.    Jane b. 23 Aug 1838 on homestead m. 1) Samuel Taylor in 1856, s/o Wm. Taylor and Sarah Chew. 2) William Williams in 1883
10.    Elizabeth b. 17 Apr. 1818, bp 21 Feb. 1819 St. John's Sandwich
2 children not found yet
Parents of Mary Herson who married William Boulton

John Herson
             b. 1785 Ireland
                                                                              Came to Canada from Co. Tyrone, Ireland in 1831
                                         and settled in York (Toronto).  
                                  Employed as a carpenter.
                                                                    Died in 1832 of  sunstroke in York, Ontario.
                                  m. c1805 Ireland
                           Mary Ann MacDonald
                       b. 1786 Co. Tyrone
    John b. 1806 Ireland m. Mary Dunn 13 Dec. 1844, Baptist
Settled in Chatham Tp in 1851 Con 6, pt. Lot 16 50 acres,
Loghouse.  Children:  Agnes b. 1843, Alexander b. 1844, John Jr. b. 1847 and Mary b. 1849
    Matthias b. 9 Nov. 1815 Co. Tyrone, Ireland m. Elcy or Eliza Hall in 1836, R.C., innkeeper, carpenter and fanning mill maker, 3 sons.  In Chatham in 1851 making fanning mills.  Crown Patent Con 2 and 3, Lot 35 Euphemia Twp., Lambton County near Florence 1862, d. 19 Jan 1871, R.C.,
Children:  1)John Jr. b. 19 Oct 1836, mill maker m. Margaret and offspring Annie 1876,    William 1878 and Roland 1880,
                     2) Ann A. "Nancy" b. 1838 m. 27 Sep 1864 to Dr. Myron Northup a Surgeon in the Northern Army and moved to Pt. Huron.  
                      3) Elizabeth b. 1840 m. ? Willson of Florence,
                      4) Charles b. 1845
                      5) Mary Jane b. 1850
m. Ebenezer Miller and offspring
                            Edna Mae 1879-1914,
                Earl 1884-1893
                   Elsie 1876-1881
    Mary b. 1820 Ireland m. William Boulton (see previous family)
    George b. 1824 Ireland m. Hannah A., soap and candlemaker.  Wife b. U.S. Children: Hannah L. b. 1850, Marriott G. m. 1852, Mary Jane b. 1861 and Walter George who married Bridget McNamara.
    James Joseph b. 1831 Co. Tyrone, m. ? Lennon, steward on ship in employ of Andrew Heron.  Went fur trading among the Indians on the north shore of Lake Superior for 4 years.  Engaged in blockade running until end of American War.  He then became provision dealer In St. Lawrence Market in Little York.

                 3 more girls unknown.
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