Do you Know These People From Cape Breton?






                             Helen(MacPhail)Sims and
                           Alastair & Isabelle MacPhail
                     for identifying Flora
                               left in picture is Archie Dan MacRae  others unknown
         My thanks to Jack N.
              for identifying the Smith Picture

right George MacIntosh--Elsie MacRae-Agnes MacIntosh his sister
                                                                                                 other unknown
                     picture on left identified by
                     Helen(MacPhail)Sims  thankyou.

Duncan MacRae
            my grandfather Duncan MacRae
Elsie and Duncan MacRae
    child Joanne
        daughter of Christopher  and Ann  MacRae
              Russell and Sadie(Livingstone) MacPherson
friends of Duncans'
    My thanks to Cathy and Danie M.
       for identifying the other couple

Duncan with cousins'  
Percy MacMillan     Duncan/Elsie/Joanne/Brenda

second from right Elsie MacRae   
                             seated left MaryAnn MacLeanRoss  right sitting Elsie  

         Dan MacPhail      John Archibald MacPhail                           May 5 , 1924                       March 20 1887
                   died July 13, 2000        died April 1 1972.
 picture identified by
Helen(MacPhail)Sims &
Alastair and Isabelle MacPhail                     
                               Elsie and Duncan MacRae--Malcolm and Anna MacRae unknown last 2

                                       Man on right unknown

                                             behind  Dan MacPhail
                                                       align="center">                    picture identified by
                             Helen(MacPhail)Sims  &  Alastair and Isabelle MacPhail

thanks go to Helen(MacPhail)Sims
and her Dad  Alastair & Isabelle MacPhail
for helping identify all these people

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