Smith        MacLachlan
The eldest daughter Sarah Mary Smith
was the 1st wife of Colin MacRae she died in 1896.
Leaving two sons,my grandfather
Duncan and his brother Archie.
Sarah Mary (Smith)MacRae
deceased at time of picture

Edith Ellane(Smith)    
Oct.4, 1885-Apr.20,1980
             Dolena Maggie(Lena)Smith)
July 18, 1878-Nov.29, 1957
                          Catherine Isabella(Katie Bell(Smith)
Sept.21,1876-July 22,1951
       Annie Jane(Jenny)Smith)
Jan.13, 1881-Feb.1, 1957
                    Mary Etta(Etta)Smith)Thompson
May 22, 1875-Apr.26,1948
Victoria Eliza(Smith)
Jan.24, 1888-Dec.30,1985
   Minnie Barbara(Smith)
Feb.19,1883-Oct.13, 1975
There were eight Smith girls whose father was
Archibald Smith.
  The one Smith girl that is not shown in the photo is
my great grandmother,
Sarah Mary (Sadie Mae) Smith.
She was the eldest, born 07 Jan 1874. she died 11 Dec 1896
.interesting little tidbit about their father,
Archibald K. Smith, my gg grandfather ,
and the Smith girls - He was married twice.
So, the 2 youngest of the Smith girls,
Edith and Victoria are half-sisters to the others.
. Archibald's first wife was Annie MacLachlan.
Annie was born in 1849 and died in Boston, Massachusetts
      of Tuberculosis on 10 Feb 1885.
One month later, on 06 Mar 1885,
Archibald married Catherine MacLachlan,
she was the older sister of his first wife, Annie.
And then, Edith Ellane Smith,
was born 04 Oct 1885.
, all the sisters were born in Cape Breton.)  
The first person, left, is
Edith Ellane Smith
b. 04 Oct 1885 d. 20 April 1980 in Topsham, Maine.
        She married
Vernon Careton Gatchell b. 29 Jun 1894 d. 09 Feb 1943.  
They had no children.  
Center is
Dolena Maggie (Lena) Smith
b. 18 Jul 1878 d. 29 Nov 1957 in Massachusetts.
She married Lester F. Horton on 29 Apr 1905.  
They had two children:
(1.) Walter F. Horton b. 10 Jan 1908 and died Jan 1976.
He was never married.
(2.) Robert Lester Horton b. 19 July 1915 d. 05 Jul 1925.  
Standing right side is
Catherine Isabella ( Katie Bell ) Smith
b. 21 Sep 1876 d. 22 Jul 1951 Woburn, Massachusetts.
She married Fred H. Turner b. abt 1876 d. unknown.
They had two children:
(1.) Gerald C. (Gump) Turner b. abt 1901 d. unknown.
He married Ruth (Unknown).  They had no children.
(2.) Mae S. Turner b. 07 Dec 1902 Woburn, Massachusetts.
She was never married.  Second seated from left to right -
The first person is Annie Jane (Jenny) Smith
b. 13 Jan 1881 d. 01 Feb 1957 in Maine.
She married Lewis Leary. They had no children.
Center seated is
Mary Etta (Etta) Smith
b. 22 May 1875 d. 26 Apr 1948.
She married John A. Thompson on 09 Sep 1901.
They had no children that I am aware of.  
Right seated is Victoria Eliza Smith ) b. 24 Jan 1888
d. 30 Dec 1985 Topsham, Maine,
She married Benjamin Hooper Newlands on 23 Oct 1913.
He was b. 05 Sep 1888 in Hyde Park, Massachusetts
d. 16 May 1970 Concord, New Hampshire.
They had one son.
(1.) Benjamin Hooper Newlands II b. 26 Jul 1916 Woburn,
Massachusetts d. 25 Jan 1992  Florida.
He married Florence Edith Kenneally on 30 Aug 1941.
She was b. 14 Oct 1919 Medford, Massachusetts
d. 19 Jun 2000 , Florida.
Seated front left by herself
Minne Barbara Smith
b. 19 Feb 1883 d. 13 Oct 1975 South Harpswell, Maine.
She married William Everett Gatchell 8 Oct 1908.
         He was b. 16 Feb 1890 and d. 17 Dec 1978 South Harpswell, Maine.
They had one son.
(1a.) Creighton Everett Gatchell b. 27 Feb 1910
South Harpswell, Maine d. 17 Oct 1969 Portland, Maine.
He was married twice. He married
Alice Madeline Gannett 24 Feb 1934. She was b. 26 Feb 1910
and d. 14 Apr 1937.

My great great grandmother,
Annie M. MacLachlan, parents were
Alexander MacLachlan and Henrietta MacKenzie.

Alexander MacLachlan,
my ggg grandfather, was the son of Donald
MacLachlan and Mary Cameron
my gggg grandparents.

Henrietta MacKenzie,
Alexanders'  wife and my ggg grandmother,
the daughter of William MacKenzie and Margaret MacKay,
another set of
my gggg grandparents.

Margaret MacKay
was the daughter of John (Og)MacKay and Catherine
Sinclair my ggggg grandparents.

William MacKenzie,
                                  my gggg grandfather,
was the son of Alexander  MacKenzie and Mary Sutherland,
also my ggggg grandparents.

John Sutherland ,
my great great great great great great grandfather,
was Mary Sutherland' father.

So now,
you know who my
gggggg grandfather was
John Sutherland
from Durness, Scotland!!!

My  Thanks and much appreciation
goes to my new found cousin, Jack.  
for giving me all this information. never thought that I would ever
find out about the ladies in the picture, who are the
sisters of my great-grandmother Sadie Mae Smith

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