MacRae MacLean
daughter of Catherine MacDonald and Duncan MacRae
 MARY MACRAE (1863- Dec. 5, 1922 AGE 58)
 He died Apr. 10, 1909 age 57
 buried at Malagawatch Cemetary, N.S.
Their children:
                Catherine F. MacLean    (1889-Feb.19, 1909) age 20 yrs
                      Lena MacLean
                     Jessie MacLean
                    Margaret MacLean
                     Lilly MacLean
                    Ruth MacLean
                      Rev. Duneau MacLean
                      Hugh MacLean
             Sophia MacLean  married    COLIN MACPHAIL   
                   John Neil MacLean
(1887-1972) Malagawatch, Cemetary, N.S.
MARGARET BLUE (1902-1979)
Margaret (Blue) & John Neil MacLean and daughter Edna
their 50th wedding anniversary Aug. 27, 1971                                  
Their children:

Edna M. MacLean
(1926-1982) Malagawatch
Cemetary, N.S.
F/Sgt. Donald MacLean(1922-1943)
RCAF Swansea, Wales, U.K.

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