Benson Family of Yorkshire, England
Sarah Hill, mother of James William Benson
My Great-Grandparents
James and Catherine(Nunan) Benson

SADIE born  26 Oct 1908--died  3 Dec,                  Sadies' Family Photos
MARGARET  born May 9, 1912--died Jan 27, 1987     Margies' Family Photos    
LILLIAN    born 31 Oct 1914--died    ?                          Lillys' Family Photos
JOHN  born 13 Dec 1916--died  5 May 1983       Johns' Family Photos'
KATHY   born 3 Jan 1918--died  28 Jun 1979           Kathys' Family Photos
OLIVE   born 25 Jun 1921--died 10 Aug 1982              Olives' Family Photos

     Windsor, Ontario, Canada   1976  
First Cousins' and their mums'

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