Margaret Benson
born May 9, 1912  died Jan 27, 1987
my grandmother                      Margaret married  ROBERT TODD

one daughter Sadie Catherine
married Archie Duncan MacRae
 Sadie and Archies' daughter
Dale Anne MacRae
ages 1---3---8---15--and old
            Dales' son
          Danny   great-grandson of Margaret
                  ages 1---3---7---15---27--- 30-yrs.

            son of Archie Duncan and Sadie
          David Duncan MacRae
Daves' son   Eric Duncan MacRae
Eric MacRae and Kristen(Wallace)are excited to announce the early and safe arrival of Isabelle Germaine. Born June 4, 2005 weighing in 7 lbs. 3 ozs, at Met Hospital, Windsor, Ontario Proud grandparents are David Duncan MacRae, and Donna and Kevin Wallace.
John visiting  his 1st cousin, Sadie
in Windsor, from England 1998