Duncan MacRae
son of Katherine Murchison and Christopher MacRae
MacPhail MacDonald
Duncan is my great-great grandfather through Catherine MacDonald
DUNCAN MACRAE 1810/1815?-Apr. 23,1888
 1st marriage to Margaret MacPhail
2nd marriage to Catherine MacDonald

His Children from Both marriages below    

JESSIE MACRAE  born 1849 died June 21, 1928
CHRISTOPHER MACRAE  1857-1929       
JANE MACRAE (1856- ?)
      DONALD MACRAE( 1858- ?)
                          CATHERINE"KATIE" MACRAE (1861-?)
 MARY MACRAE    (1863- Dec. 5, 1922 AGE 58)

  LILLY MACRAE     (1864-?)
COLIN MACRAE  (1867-1922)
my great-grandfather
MARGARET "MAGGIE" MACRAE    (1873-May 6, 1912)

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