MacDonald MacRae
   Catherine  MacDonald and  Duncan MacRae     
                                         daughter of
                                                         DUNCAN and JANE MACDONALD
                                                Marble Mountain, Inverness County, Nova Scotia
                                                   Duncan and Jane were born in 1812
                                                            they died about 1871
                                                                               Duncan and Jane both
                                  emigrated from Scotland                                            
                        Duncan  MacRae and Catherine MacDonald Their Children
                           JESSIE MACRAE  born 1849 died June 21, 1928,
                         CHRISTOPHER MACRAE  1857-1929                 
                           JANE MACRAE (1856- ?)
                           DONALD MACRAE( 1858- ?)
                          CATHERINE"KATIE" MACRAE (1861-?)
                            MARY MACRAE    (1863- Dec. 5, 1922 AGE 58)
                           LILLY MACRAE     (1864-?)
                           COLIN MACRAE  (1863-1922)  
my great-grandfather
                            MARGARET "MAGGIE" MACRAE    (1873-May 6, 1912)

Colin N. MacRae
          son of Duncan MacRae and Catherine MacDonald-MacRae
Catherine MacDonald-MacRae with
son Colin and 2nd wife Christy MacKinnon
grandchildren, young  Duncan  and  Archie Dan
Their mother was Sarah Mary Smith.
Colins' first wife, who died 1896

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