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Barry Family of Chatham-Kent, Ontario


Patrick T. Barry Family

Christopher MacRae and Katherine Murchison

Duncan MacRae  & M. MacPhail & C. MacDonald

Catherine  MacDonald and  Duncan MacRae     

Christopher MacRae  and  Jesse MacLeod

Jesse MacRae &Hugh Chisolm

Margaret"Maggie" MacRae   and Neil MacLean

Colin MacRae & Sadie Smith & Christy MacKinnon

Mary MacRae  Donald MacLean

Archibald MacPhail & Janet McCuaig

Archibald Smith  & Annie MacLachlan

John Campbell   unknown MacKenzie

Identify These People from Cape Breton?

Map of Cape Breton

Eilean Donan

Identify These People From Yorkshire?

Nunan  Family of Cork, Ireland

Todd Family of Ferryhill, England

Benson Family of Yorkshire, England

Johnson-Kempson Family  Oxford,England

Sarah Hill, Gateshead, County Durham

My Bloomin' Garden -Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Windsor,  City of Roses, Automotive Capital of Canada

Look Behind

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